Meet Brian Wiley

Hi. I’m Brian.

I founded, and later sold, a notable full-service financial services firm in California.  While enjoying the start-up phase of the business, running the day-to-day operations of a large firm became more burdensome than joyful.  I realized my personal goals were no longer centered on simple financial success.  After many long work days and time away from my family, he decided the best next move was to sell the firm while the firm was strong and successful to refocus on his family and personal health.


In 2009, I moved my family to Boise, Idaho.  We quickly adapted to the 'outdoorsy' lifestyle that Boise has to offer and they have never looked back.

I started Tree City Advisors on the understanding that everyone has different goals. Whether it's a financial goal, health, or creating more time to enjoy life and loved ones, Tree City Advisors was created to help people focus on the success they value most.  My vision was to create a practice with no product sales or conflicted advice.  Rather, I wanted to focus on the reason he became an advisor in the first place: working for my clients’ best interests.

I have been a financial advisor for 19 years and has spent 18 of those years educating listeners during his radio program.  "Idaho's Money Show" can be heard on KBOI weeknights from 6-7pm.

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